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Brand Connection (one destination for all IT products)
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Brand Connection (one destination for all IT products)

Since 2018, Brand Connection has been a high-end distributor of Integrated Solutions, Data Communication & Network Equipment in Egypt & the Middle East. 

Backed up with ten years of experience, we have been delivering high-technology services & products to match our excellent standards and goals through aligning with Top Quality yet Competitively Priced Product Lines from Reputable IT Vendors. 


*client brief: though the company was established five years ago with ownership of a huge experience, limitless advantages in the Egyptian market and exclusive partnerships, Brand Connection was not identified as an elite IT distributor cause its brand identity guidelines were missing, plus they had a weak existence on social media platforms.

Brand Connection trusted Bsmart on increasing the brand awareness and reaching their potential clients and create an engagement channel throughout the whole week through the following services:

1-   Logo renovation & design 

2-   Website design & development

3-   SEO to rank higher at google search 

4-   Complete social media management 

5-   Company profile

6-   Email social campaigns


*our creatives' deliverables: such a huge project and company needed our complete focus since day one. Our research team managed to get the rest of the teams a detail oriented research regarding the competitors' analysis, SWOT analysis and buyer persona, which directed us through the rest of the process:

1- Logo concept:

All the IT products main concept is to facilitate the technological connection and create a seamless flow of data. Using the first two initials of "Brand Connection" and putting the "C" letter around the "B" to connect all the elements was our concept. We used three colours, the blue, to refer to the advanced technology Brand Connection owes the green to resemble their services' edginess. The grey the neutral element to present the elegancy and experience factor found in the genuine build of the Brand Connection entity.

2-Website design and development:

Brand Connection was in desperate need to reach its audience and announce its existence to the world. So a well-established website was the only way to make the desired connection with its audience. 

A complete website was built upon every detail that made Brand Connection what it is now, with a section highlighting its diverse elite vendors and a section for its latest news. Bsmart also didn't forget to make such entity rank higher in google search; that is why we made SEO friendly content to all website sections.

3-Company profile:

When we started to design the Brand Connection company profile, we put in mind that the company profile is going to present to elite firms, so we had to present it unforgettably; that is why we designed the profile page by page to leave the "3D feeling" in any receiver eyes. 

Bsmart seeks to leave a carved impression through every delivered visual, either hard or soft copy. 

4-social Media Strategy:

Brand awareness is our goal here, so we have crafted a strategy that not only focus on the static posts but also on the dynamic ones to raise awareness about not only the Brand name and history but also the vendors' products and the facilitation they offer to consider you are one of their clients. 

With the increased importance of email marketing, especially for the heavy industries, we also planned for a strategic email campaign to keep their audience updated with their successful news.