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El Alsson Language School
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El Alsson Language School

Dedicated to excellence.

Children are the future. El Alsson School is dedicated to excellence.

To achieve their vision, They will prepare students to become independent learners with the desires, skills, and abilities necessary for lifelong learning. This will require creating a learning environment that is centred around students, directed by teachers, and supported by home and community.

El Alsson International School

Harraniya is committed to providing a happy, positive learning environment where students and adults are successful, independent, collaborative learners, confident, cooperative team players and responsible leaders.

Core Beliefs

  • El Alsson school board implements its stated Mission and Vision with full provision, daily.
  • El Alsson school community promotes a sense of global citizenship whilst instilling knowledge of national heritage and sustaining Egyptian culture. Faculty and staff members are ultimately responsible for student success.
  • Frequent assessment and analysis of teaching and learning data support student progress, curriculum innovation and development.
  • A strong professional teaching and learning culture is presented through collaboration, commitment and professionalism within El Alsson staff, students and families to ensure a positive environment and success in the future.
  • Guide students on how to face challenges by having a Growth Mindset, thinking critically, being creative and building on leadership and 21st-century skills.