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Wink Lashes and Nails
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Social Media

Wink Lashes and Nails

WINK Spa is a Beauty Lounge where you can relax and pamper yourself.

WINK spa offers a variety of services such as Moroccan bath, gel and acrylic nail polish, hair treatment, deep face cleansing, body care, and more.

Client Brief:

WINK spa needed to advertise its services through social media in a presentable and appealing way. With flawless ad management to attract those of interest to try out their service.

Our Creatives’ Deliverable:

posts, stories, before & after, and photo shooting WINK Spa was step one in building our strategy. Spreading it on social media through Facebook and Instagram was step two. Step three was the perfect targeting for the clients through the buyer persona we have already made in the preparation phase.