It’s known that content is the king. It was Bill Gates’s words in 1996, and these words are so true. As in the current time, people don’t trust paid ads that much cause they know it’s for commercial direction. But they are putting content that relates to their life traditions, pain points, and daily routine. The paid ad becomes lovable. 

Engagement is the key to achieving the desired relationship needed with your audience to take action. But how to drag people into your brand engagement? Simple tactics but with magnificent results.

branding engagement

1-Stay updated:

We say this word so many times, and we keep repeating it repeatedly, and it’s a very valid word if it’s used right.

We are staying updated means following trends. First, it was GIFs; now it’s MEMES. Some may think it’s stupid content!! How can it help me grow my business?!!

It interacts with people’s lives, and so it generates


es engagement, so…


Khaby lame is one strong example of continuously being updated with the new trends and memes of the market.


The following article is written in Arabic to guide you through the strategic marketing use of memes.

2-keep it simple but not easy:

The marketing of catching the attention is one of the best ways to drive engagement and sales. The trick in that part is getting people’s attention. And be careful it is not an easy game to play. We all know that apple’s technology isn’t simple, but check the following video and see how steve jobs introduced the iPod nano in 2005. This simple way supports the campaign idea “1000 tracks in your pocket” made it hard to overlook it.

3- understanding the algorithm:

Most platforms’ algorithms operate on viral or branded content, which reaches tons of people and generates more engagement, whether commenting, sharing, or interacting.

They prefer such content cause it makes the audience spend more time on the platform.

But let me guide you through a few tips to increase the reach and engage with your audience and trick the algorithm into making your content be seen by many:

A- few words, an attractive opening line, an attractive visual: use one of these elements or the three of them so that the social platforms can read that your content is an attractive one.

B- don’t edit!!: make sure and check a thousand times that your content is crafted in the optimum way you need it to be. Editing multiple times decreases the reach rate. The same rule is applied to paid ads; it will increase the result’s cost.

C- reply to comments and start the conversation yourself: comments are the primary indicator that your content is interesting for the different platforms. So either respond to each written comment at various times to maintain the engagement rate or start the conversation yourself by commenting on your post and generating the engagement. The same rule is applied to paid ads. Many comments equal cheaper results.

D- timing is critical: you need to choose the exact times you know your content can get the highest interaction. Such results can be achieved through page insights.

4-your identity will stand out; keep showing it every single time:

Why do corporates do the brand identity guideline in visuals and the brand voice? To stand out! 



create your brand identity cause you are born to stand out


To gain people’s loyalty, you need to be connected with their minds, clearly stating what you will deliver and what your entity stands up for.

Building the perfect identity will create that unbreakable connection to your audience, and you will stand out in their minds when they think about your brand/ service.

5- always drive an audience-based strategy:

Let’s all agree that your customer is the most crucial part of your business wheel. Cause if you didn’t satisfy your clients, no one will buy your services and sales won’t perform at their best.

So, always drive an audience-based strategy in marketing and designing your business product or service.

Giving the best quality, optimum price, occasional discounts, talking about a better life experience using your product or service, keeping up with the sense of humour of the country culture, and offering aftersales follow-up. All of those are some points to guarantee the best performance for your business.

6- always be there for your audience (Consistency):

Let me share a little experience with you. One time I was listening to a marketing podcast, and they were talking about a critical point many Brands miss: CONSISTENCY! 

They were talking about two brands that are each other competitors. And the first one was making but not better than the competitors. One of these brands has achieved itself, so it stopped promoting and relied only on the audience base they gain. On the other hand, even after reaching a vast audience base, the other brand promoted themselves. The result was a gradual increase in the second brand’s sales.

A common saying states the following: “who is close to the eyes will always be close to the heart”. It must have been a marketer who said that being always there for your audience will make you jump in their heads when they need your product/service.

To sum up:

Engagement is the key to acquiring long-term clients. So you have to constantly think about how to drag people into your brand engagement? Not only to always stay in their minds but also for your sales wheel to never stop spinning. Don’t know the know-how and need to start ASAP, contact us at BSMART creative agency, and they will help you drag engagement to your brand.